Sony MDR-XB700 Headphones

January 15, in Audio


Headphones are undoubtedly the most personalized sound equipment. But sometimes they cause as much harm to your ears as much they entice a music lover in you. Sound leakage, bad acoustics, irritable ear pad can actually give you hair-pulling experience. Keeping these considerations on the agenda, Sony designed the latest MDR-XB700 Headphones with leak-proof technology, resistance amplitude characteristics and resistance atmospheric pressure. The highlight is its Urethane cushion, which guarantees air tightness. The 295g XB700 headphones would approximately cost you 12, 390 Yen.


  • Driver unit- Aperture 50mm (OFC voice coil adoption)
  • Sensitivity- 106dB/mW
  • Playback frequency zone- 3-28,000Hz
  • Impedance-24 ohms
  • Largest input- 3,000mW *1

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