Sony HTCT150 Soundbar Review-Good Price, Low Power

October 27, in Speakers

Sony‘s brought us an exciting new home theater speaker package to talk about today, and it’s a soundbar that’s actually part of their Bravia line, which in turn has brought quite a few exciting televisions our way before. Today we’re talking about the Sony HTCT150.

The Sony HTCT150 is a three hundred and forty watt 3.1 channel soundbar home theater system offers up a five and one eighths inch woofer, dual three and five-eighths inch tweeters, a subwoofer with twenty four bit S-Master digital amplifier, a Digital Media Port for iPod (you’ll have to get a cradle for it, though, as the system doesn’t include one) an HDMI repeater, Bravia Sync to let you run your whole system with one remote, and four ohms of impedance.

There are a lot of advantages to going with this system, especially if you already have a Sony Bravia television (or at the very least want to get one). You’ll get extra ease of use, the sound quality isn’t half bad–you can do quite a bit better, of course, but this is still pretty solid stuff. It fits in small spaces easily, as soundbars do, so this is another bonus to going this route.

And the folks out at Best Buy want nothing quite so much as for you to drop two hundred fifty nine dollars on this setup, which is a pretty fair price given the expanded capability and simplicity of the system.

The end result is that there’s quite a bit to like here with the Sony HTCT150. It’s not the powerhouse of some–clearly, it’s no match for pretty much any Bose system, but you should get along here nicely. It’s at its best when you pair it with a like-minded television, but even as a stand-alone system, you won’t do badly here.

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