Sony HT-AF5 Cinema Speaker System

July 13, in Audio

Recently Sony announced the arrival of three new surround systems, all built in with 3D pass-through on HDMI. The HT-AF5 is one among the three systems that adds tall floorstanding front left and right channels for room filling audio.

The HT-AF5 looks similar to the AS5- it just loses a couple of the compact speakers, replaced with a pair of thin, tall floor-standing units. The pair of taller speakers for the front left and right channels makes the HT-AF5 more suitable for larger rooms. The speakers can either be wall-mounted or placed on the floor with the supplied floorstands.

Users can get the HT-AF5 connected to any TV or video source. It supports submersive 5.1-channel surround sound with 3D over 3x HDMI, auto calibration, wireless rear speaker option and BRAVIA Sync.

Price of the Sony HT-AF5 cinema speaker system has not been announced. The system will be available in June.

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