Sony GIGA JUKE NAS-SC500PK Hi-Fi System

June 8, in Audio


Sony, a global leader in manufacturing entertainment devices, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Sony GIGA JUKE NAS-SC500PK Hi-Fi System. Come rediscover your music collection with this new product from the house of Sony that lets you load all your favorite tracks in the hard disk drive.

The new Sony GIGA JUKE NAS-SC500PK Hi-Fi System comes with an amazing Music Server feature for an easy access to your album collection from a wireless player even if it is placed in a different room. Feel free to store up to 1300 hours of music at a high bit rate of 256 kbps or about 40,000 tracks of MP3 music in this system.

Sony’s GIGA JUKE NAS-SC500PK Hi-Fi System is capable of supporting various formats like MP3, AAC, Linear PCM, WMA and ATRAC. It incorporates an in-built database of approximately 350,000 albums allowing you to do automatic title labeling.


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