Sonos Controller

March 13, in Audio

Sonos Controller

No other company understands multi-room music like Sonos. The Sonos system lets you play the same song in different rooms with reliable synchronicity. Or if you would rather, play different songs in different rooms and please everybody in your house. Now music buffs have the freedom to use any Controller they want to control what’s playing all over the house, which includes controlling the volume in each room.

Just use Sonos Controller, the included Desktop Controller software for your PC, or you can even use your iPhone with a free downloadable app in Apple’s App Store. The set includes two Sonos ZonePlayers and one Sonos Controller. The Controller offers a 3.5″ color LCD and a clickwheel control the allows easy browsing of your PC music library and independent control of each ZonePlayer in your system. Retails for around $999.99


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