Sling Claims That Its Fixing Recent Streaming Problems But Its Service Isnt Fully Restored Yet

August 8, in streaming

As of Friday, Sling said that they’ve been actively working to restore its streaming service, which has been experiencing certain glitches recently. Now the streaming provider reports that most of the problems have been resolved by making changes to its service. In a recent interview with Crave, a spokesperson for Sling also stated that the glitches were caused by a data migration process.

Apparently, this data migration process was carefully planned quite a while but has been experiencing numerous, unforeseen problems since then. Furthermore, the spokesperson claims that the situation has improved significantly since yesterday but the issues have yet to be resolved for all Sling customers. Currently, a number of Sling users have reported ongoing problems with their service on the official support forums. So, it seems that they’ll just have to wait until their streaming access and functionality is fully restored.


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