Sharp LC-46LEB10UN Television Review-Another Amazing Quattron

June 8, in LED television

So I got another look at one of the new Quattron models from Sharp–this time, the Sharp LC-46LEB10UN, and it’s pretty much as impressive as the last one I got to look at.

The Sharp LC-46LEB10UN is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television that boasts internet connectivity for easy access to huge amounts of content, the UltraBrilliant LED System for better brightness and color purity, the much-touted Quad Pixel Technology that adds yellow to the red / green / blue color palette that’s normally used and adds greater detail to images, the X-Gen 1080p display for even better image quality, two ten watt speakers, a matching fifteen watt subwoofer, four HDMI inputs, one HD component input, one PC input, one S-video input, one composite video and audio input, an ethernet port, and a USB port.

The clear advantage of the Sharp Quattron line is its image quality.  Adding yellow to the images really does do something interesting to the picture, and since it’s a primary color you figure someone would’ve done this long before now.  After all, it’s yellow and blue that make green.  But anyway, the sound quality is also pretty stunning–the addition of that fifteen watt subwoofer puts a real punch in the quality on this one.

At any rate, the Sharp LC-46LEB10UN is a truly fantastic television, and the price isn’t even too rough at just over thirteen hundred bucks.  It’s a good buy at a good price, and you’ll definitely want a second look at this one if you’re in the market.

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