Sharp LC-32D10-W

February 27, in LCD

.Sharp LC-32D10-W is a white colored system recently announced by Sharp. This Hi-vision Liquid crystal panel consumes 142 W Electric Power. The LCD features horizontal 1,366? vertical 768 pixels. It has a picture brightness of 450cd/m2. Based on TFT (thin film transistor) active matrix drive system, it offers a contrast ratio of 1500: 1. Sharp LC-32D10-W will be available in March 10th

Product Specifications:

  • Viewing angle: 176 degrees
  • Speaker: 4.0cm?10.0cm?2, ? 2.0cm?2
  • Display section: Width 79.7cm? depth 9.6 (most thin section 8.8) cm? height 53.8cm
  • Reception channel: VHF 1 – 12ch and UHF 13 – 62ch, CATV 13 – 63ch, BS digital 000 – 999ch, 110 degrees CS digital 000 – 999ch, Ground digital 000 – 999ch (CATV pass through correspondence)

Via: Sharp

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