Sharp Aquos LC60LE925UN Television Review-Spectacular In Every Sense

October 21, in 3d

So the folks out at Sharp have put together another terrific Aquos for us to look at, the Sharp Aquos LC60LE925UN, and it’s about as good as you’d expect it to be. In fact, there’s next to nothing to complain about with this one, at least not that I can spot, so let’s get right in and have a look at it.

The Sharp Aquos LC60LE925UN is a sixty inch 1080p LED television that offers Internet connectivity for easy access to a variety of online content sources, 3D readiness (even including two sets of 3D active shutter glasses, meaning all you’ll need is the Blu-ray player and HDMI cables), the X-Gen LCD panel with advanced pixel control to ensure a good picture, AquoMotion 240 to reduce blurring in high speed action scenes, two ten watt speakers with a fifteen watt subwoofer for support (also includes Spacious Sound 3D), four HDMI inputs, one HD component input, one PC input, one composite video input, one Ethernet port, one audio input, two USB ports, and the Vyper Drive game mode to cut down on blurring in games.

The problem here, as is generally the case, doesn’t come at the hands of the picture or sound quality–the picture is amazing and the sound isn’t exactly amazing but still pretty good–or even at the hands of the controls, which really don’t pose any serious problems. It’s the price tag that makes some trouble here. It’s hard to say an unkind word about that fourth pixel color. Certainly George Takei doesn’t have any problems with it. Downright loves it, in fact, and you’ll likely join in the assenting gutteral cries.

And out at Best Buy, they’re desperately hoping you’ll drop forty eight hundred bucks on this one. Oh, sure, it’s almost certainly worth it, but does anyone really need that kind of hardware? You can see why I’m a bit dismayed here–I don’t care how beautiful a television is, is it ever really worth a third of a car? Half if you buy used?

That’s a decision you’ll have to make yourself, really, but when you get a look at the Sharp Aquos LC60LE925UN, you’ll probably be as floored by the whole thing as I am. Whether or not you’ll be sufficiently floored to sign a check, now, that’s a whole other story.

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