Sharp Announces 3 New 3D Blu-ray Players

March 11, in Blu-Ray, Uncategorized


Seeing how manufacturers across the board are hopping on the 3D display boat, it’s no surprise that a whole slew of different accessory manufacturers are doing the same. Today, Sharp has announced three brand new decently priced 3D Blu-ray players set for the market. All of the announced 3D Blu-ray players feature access to YouTube, DLNA, Netflix, VUDU and Pandora but do have their differences.

The BD-HP25U which is retailing now for $249 dollars does not feature WiFi or IP control while the BD-HP35U, retailing now for $299, does not have a RS-232 port while the highest end BD-HP75U retailing on March 14th for $329 contains all of the above.

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