SensGard ZEM Headphones

July 15, in Audio

The new SensGard ZEM headphones are perfect low cost device devoid of complex electronics. They are designed to fit comfortably. They weigh just two ounces, require no batteries and can be easily folded to fit in ZEM case or in a shirt pocket.

The headphones uses a simple amplifier to deliver pure sound and cancel background noise using patented technology invented by Dr. Jozef Zwislocki, a renowned acoustic researcher at Syracuse University. They are ideal for those who want to listen to studio quality stereo sound. The only electronics in the headphones are two miniature yet effective electro-magnetic receivers that convert electrical signals into sound. The 3.5 mm plug on the electrical cord is compatible with home computers, MP3 players, cell phones, CD players, iPods, laptops and satellite radio.

Made in USA, the ZEM headphones are available for $90.00.


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