Sennheiser CX300

Sennheiser CX300

April 2, in Headphones, Hi-Fi Systems Reviews

Sennheiser is almost equivalent to quality in head phones. This German company has to keep up its reputation when it comes to high-end audio gear. Which makes it all the more unusual that Sennheiser did not have an in ear model until recently. Now they have introduced the CX300 (obtainable in black and silver).

As opposed to other in ear manufacturers, like Ultimate Ears, Shure and Etymotic, Sennheiser aims for a wide (iPod) audience with the CX300. Because of that Sennheiser is a formidable competitor of e.g. the popular Sony MDR-EX series. Like the Sony’s, and opposite to in ear monitors, headphone, shure, etymotic, ipod, mp3 playerthe Shures and the Etymotics the ear plugs do not enter your ear very deeply. They are a kind of semi in ears. So a perfect solution for people who still have to get used to (or don’t want to get used to) the ‘real’ in ear monitors.

Sennheiser CX300

In comparison to the more expensive in ear monitors the CX300s are not up to the mark, but when compared to, e.g., the Sony MDR-EX71, the CX300 wins the contest. I find the bass more straight and more controlled than Sony’s, which does justice to especially the mid and high tones. On the other hand the CX300s suffer more from microphonics than the MDR-71.

The comfort in wearing them is excellent and with three different sizes of ear pieces everybody can reach a perfect seal.
In short, the CX300 is a successful first step of Sennheiser on the path of in ear monitors. With its beautiful design, excellent fit and perfect quality of sound lots of trendy bass lovers will be madly enthusiastic.

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