Samsung UN55C6300 Television Review-Impressive And Priced To Match

November 30, in LED television

Samsung’s massive new UN55C6300 LED television won’t be anybody’s idea of affordable, but it will be a lot of people’s idea of truly impressive television. Quite a buildup, really, but you’ll find out that that’s exactly what we’ve got on tap for you today.

The Samsung UN55C6300 is a fifty five inch 1080p LED television that offers up Samsung’s usual Touch of Color design, ConnectShare Movie for easy access to thumb drives and digital cameras, a game mode to reduce blurring while you’re playing video games, Wide Color Enhancer Plus for better image quality, two fifteen watt speakers, AnyNet Plus to connect your other devices to your Samsung TV remote, four HDMI inputs, two USB inputs, a PC input, a component video input, an optical sound output and an Ethernet port.

Now, the sound quality on this is pretty good–fifteen watts is not that bad, in terms of power output. And the picture is doing nice as well in full 1080p glory. Though the one thing that’s really got me unhappy about the whole thing is that the components are clearly balanced toward the newer stuff–there are more HDMI ports on this than all the others together. One component, no composite…four HDMI. Wow. It’s a crying shame, it is. And it gets worse when you check out the price tag.

You’ll shell out a surprisingly specific $1659.97 for one of these out at Amazon, though that is about a third off of retail. This is a great sale price, and the television itself is pretty good, especially if you have a lot of newer components in your home theater mix. Those of you rocking the older stuff, meanwhile, will find yourself largely out in the cold on this one.

But still, you’ll have a pretty high-quality setup with the Samsung UN55C6300, a television that’ll do some fantastic things for your movies and games if you go with this one.

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