Samsung UN46C9000 Television Review-Great Looks, Not So Great Sound

September 28, in LED television

Samsung and I have had a strange relationship in the past.  While usually I don’t have much problem with them (mostly just with their controls, and even that I’m starting to get used to), sometimes there’s something wrong, which makes each Samsung fairly unique. Today we’re talking about the Samsung UN46C9000, and it’ll be an excellent addition to the lineup but not without some problems.

The Samsung UN46C9000 is a forty six inch 1080p LED television that offers Internet connectivity for access to the original content available online (and there is a lot of that out there) in both wireless and Ethernet connection forms, two ten watt speakers, 3D capability (you’ll need glasses and a proper Blu-ray player), Wide Color Enhancer Plus systems, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, one PC input, two ConnectShare movie ports that will let you hook up your thumb drives and digital cameras to play on the television itself.

While I definitely liked the way the Samsung UN46C9000 looked–the picture was really something (must be that LED effect)–but the sound seemed off to me, a little light and underpowered.  Maybe it was just the one I saw, but the sound just sounded wrong here. As is usually the case, the television itself looks as good as its picture and the controls are a lot more simple than I remember them being. That’s probably me getting used to them, but still.

Considering the Samsung UN46C9000 costs a whopping three grand, you’d think there wouldn’t be any problems at all to speak of, but that’s just not the case here.  Not my favorite, and certainly better deals are out there, but still–if you patch it into a home theater system, you likely wouldn’t even notice the difference to begin with.

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