Samsung to Produce Google TV Powered Televisions in 2011

November 17, in Google TV

While much of the buzz in the technology world is surrounding things like tablets and smartphones, a war is going on in the home theater community – a war between Apple and Google. While Apple has long had their Apple TV set-top box available for public consumption, their recent release changed the device’s purpose introducing a streaming only service. Google, on the other hand, has their Google TV media platform which allows consumers to do things like surf the web, stream web content and more all from their big screen television.

While Apple TV has the power of Apple to support it, Google TV has the power of several different hardware manufacturers. Currently, we’ve seen products from manufacturers like Logitech and Sony but who else is looking to get into the game?

A report has surfaced today that says Samsung will be the next contender. According to these reports, Samsung is looking to get into the Google TV market with a television powered by the platform sometime next year. When exactly that is to be is any one’s guess at this point but we’ll certainly keep you posted as the story unfolds.

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