Samsung PN58C7000 Plasma Television Review-Pricey Goodness

August 2, in Plasma TV

Plasma televisions, a step up from LCD and a step under LED, have been known to offer terrific pictures, and the Samsung PN58C7000 will not let you down on that score.  Sadly, they’ve also been known to offer these great pictures at high prices, and so too will this Samsung not let you down.

The Samsung PN58C7000 is a fifty eight inch 1080p plasma television that offers 3D capability (you’ll have to get the glasses and such as they’re not included), Internet connectivity for easy access to the huge variety of original content available online (this one won’t let you get in on Rhapsody, but it will get you in on Hulu Plus and Dailymotion), two fifteen watt speakers with SRS TruSurround, two USB ports, four HDMI inputs, a composite video input, a PC input, a component video input and a digital audio output.  There’s even a pixel orbiter here to help protect against burn-in, which can be a problem with plasma televisions.

So you can see it’s a bit short on the hookups for older gear, but there’s plenty of room here for newer gear, and you’re probably going to want newer gear to take full advantage of this giant beautiful plasma system.  And considering that you’ll have to shell out at least eighteen hundred ninety five bucks for this, and that’s if you’re willing to shop at “Powerseller NYC”. Aside from that it’s going to be over two grand.

Still though, the Samsung PN58C7000 is a nice system that offers a terrific picture and good quality sound, so you probably should expect to pay through the nose for it.

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