Samsung Looking to Sell 10 Million 3D TVS in 2011

February 19, in 3d

It’s certainly no secret that 3D display technolgoy has been generating quite a bit of buzz in just about every category of the technology industry. Not only is it making its way into the home theaters of many but it’s also set to make an introduction in the mobile world with devices like the Nintendo 3DS and LG Optimus Pad.

However, while there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the technology it’s hasn’t realyl caught on yet with many blaming this on the more often than not high price tag. Samsung, however, looks to be changing this in 2011 as they have just announced they hope to sell 10 million 3D TVs worldwide in the new year. If this goal is met it would effectively be increasing their 2 million sales number from 2010 5 fold.

Quite the hefty order but we’ll have to wait and see what Samsung has up their sleeve before we pass judgement.

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