Samsung LN46C600 LCD Television Review-A Good Boost To Your Home Theater

March 30, in LCD

Samsung has offered up plenty of televisions in all subclasses, so it’s always worth taking a look at them. You never know when you’ll be out looking at televisions, find a Samsung, and want to know if it’s worth your time. That’s why we’re looking at the Samsung LN46C600, an LCD that will have plenty to offer and do so at a good price, to boot.

The Samsung LN46C600 is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television that offers a 120 Hz refresh rate to reduce blurring in high speed images, the Wide Color Enhancer systems to improve color presentation, BD Wise to automatically adjust the relevant settings on your peripherals to get the best possible image out of them, two ten watt speakers, ConnectShare Movie to access content on thumb drives and digital cameras directly, four HDMI ports, two component inputs and one PC input.

Again, we’re short on the basics here–we’ve got a great picture and somewhat weaker sound quality (you’ll note there are plenty of augmentations to the picture but not near so much to the speakers), and you’ll get more than enough ports for your various needs, whether you need newer ports or old. Get this thing hooked up to even the most rudimentary of home theater speaker systems and you should be doing just fine here.

It’s a little hard to look at a television that doesn’t offer the next generation of capability, no streaming here at all, but it will still do a nice job of providing your current needs, whether they be older or newer, just not the very newest.

And you’ll even be able to find this one at a pretty nice price–in two different places you can find this at seven hundred ninety seven dollars, and that’s not a terrible price for a television slightly larger than the smallest of the big screens.

The Samsung LN46C600 isn’t the best you’ll find, but it will do a pretty nice job with most anything you’ll need it for. It’s surprisingly impressive for a smaller large television, and it will definitely put a punch in your home theater system.

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