Samsung LN46C530F1F Television Review-Looks And Sounds Great, Bad On Connections

August 18, in LCD

Samsung has often given me reasons to be happy, some more so than others.  And when I took on the Samsung LN46C530F1F, I got a good look at why Samsung so often makes me happy. But at the same time, I got a good dose of trouble from it. And while this may sound contradictory, you’ll find it’s the case after you read on.

The Samsung LN46C530F1F is a forty six inch 1080p LCD television that offers two ten watt speakers with Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, three HDMI inputs, a PC input, a USB port, ConnectShare Movie for quick access to the stuff on thumb drives and cameras, and a game mode to reduce blurring in high speed images.

The problem here, of course, is that the picture is pretty good (it’s an LCD, after all–it’ll never compete with LED but it’s not supposed to) and the sound is surprisingly well off (those decoders seem to make a difference), but the problem here is that there’s not much going here for the folks with older equipment.  No component inputs, no composites…not even an S-video.  If you don’t have HDMI gear, you’re out of luck.

And considering this thing’s selling for eight hundred bucks at least (the lowest price I found, anyway), it’s hardly a great move.  Sure, it looks pretty good and the sound is nice, but there are some functionality issues that might not make the Samsung LN46C530F1F you’ll want to put into play if you’re looking.

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