Samsung LN40C630 Television Review-Overpriced Quality

November 1, in LCD

Today we’re going to kick off a week of LCD televisions, and we’re going to start with the Samsung LN40C630, a television that will present some pretty quality material, even if you have a tough time getting over the price tag.

The Samsung LN40C630 is a forty inch 1080p LCD television that offers Samsung’s Touch of Color design, ConnectShare Movie for easy playability from thumb drives and digital cameras, a game mode to reduce blurring in high-speed situations, Wide Color Enhancer Pro technology for a better quality image, BD Wise to automatically adjust components’ various input levels for the best quality, two ten watt speakers, four HDMI ports, two USB ports, one PC input, one component video input, one RF antenna input and AnyNet Plus capability.

There’s plenty here, no mistake–loads of room for extra components (even some of your older components can come along for the ride, though not so many as I would like), and of course, plenty of good quality features. The sound isn’t as good as many other models, what with just two ten watt speakers and all, but still, nothing too unpleasant by the sounds of it. And a 1080p picture seldom looks bad, either.

This adds up to a pretty solid quality system, though there’s one note of trouble: the price tag on this thing is a whopping nine hundred bucks at retail. Sure, there are deals to be had everywhere if you look hard enough, but I cracked upon a flyer in my Sunday paper that’d give me a slightly bigger Panasonic for fully half that price. I don’t really care how good a television is, there’s a limit, and getting a good deal happens to be my limit.

Thus, I’d say keep looking, but if you do end up with the Samsung LN40C630, you shouldn’t be terribly unhappy, at least until the first time you read about a better deal, which will likely be not too long after you buy it.

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