Samsung HW-C560S Home Theater System Review-Fair If Not Great

September 8, in Audio

Samsung has often brought out a lot of quality gear. In fact, any time you see something from Samsung, it’s a fair bet that it’ll at least turn out fairly well. I haven’t seen very many Samsungs that don’t live up to that standard, And the Samsung HW-C560s will not disappoint on that score.

The Samsung HW-C560s is a five hundred watt 5.1 channel home theater system that includes five speakers and a subwoofer, four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, Crystal Amplifier Pro technology for better sound quality, an iPod dock, both Smart Volume and Auto Sound Calibration to keep volume levels universal and comfortable (great when you go from a nature show to a loud used car commercial and the like), multichannel PCM processing, and variable power lever controls.

The sound quality on this one is solid, if unimpressive, and there will be plenty of features here to supplant any lingering doubts you might have about the quality. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t play well with older hardware but still, if you’ve got HDMI gear (which comes on most everything these days), you should be well taken care of.

And Best Buy wants three hundred dollars for this. That’s actually not too bad, given what you get for that three hundred bucks.  Sure, it’s not anything terrific, maybe just a bit overpriced, but you shouldn’t walk away from this deal feeling cheated.

The Samsung HW-C560s is a fair value–not the best you’ll see, but another decent piece from Samsung.

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