Samsung HT-Z520 Home Theater System Review-Decent Overall Value

December 24, in Audio

It’s the…well, day…before Christmas, and considering it happens to sync up with a Friday this year, I’m bidding you all a pleasant good weekend and a merry Christmas all at the same time. And before we close out a week of reviews, we bring you one last home theater system, the Samsung HT-Z520. It’ll be a little nicer to your wallet, though not as nice to your ears.

The Samsung HT-Z520 is a 5.1 channel, twelve hundred watt home theater system with four satellite speakers, one center channel speaker, a subwoofer, and a five DVD changer. You’ll also get an iPod dock, a USB port, HDMI input, wireless rear option for your rear speakers, AnyNet Plus capability, automatic upscaling for your DVDs, Energy Star compliance, FM tuner, Auto Sound Calibration systems and Smart Volume.

File this one under “not bad”.  The sound is loud, but nothing spectacular.  There’s a five DVD changer in here, which is always nice. And there are plenty of solid options, which is enough to put it, as I said, squarely in the not bad column. There’s nothing particularly great about this setup, but so too is there nothing particularly bad.

And considering that you can get this one for under two hundred bucks from a couple different places (Amazon’s got this for $194.95), the sheer value of it doesn’t hurt.

It’s not a great system, this Samsung HT-Z520, but it will do a fairly nice job especially if you don’t need anything big and special, and you’re looking to conserve some cash. Sometimes the bargain basement system is all you need, and if you’re looking at one of those times, you should be looking at the Samsung HT-Z520.

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