Samsung HT-Z420 Home Theater System Review-Tenacity

February 9, in Audio

Ah tenacity, thy name is Samsung.  I’ve seen you guys put bizarre touch controls on nearly every television you’ve put on the market for the last year, and now I see that you’ve been putting those same bizarre touch controls on your home theater systems, too.  Systems like today’s review target, the Samsung HT-Z420.

The Samsung HT-Z420 is a 5.1 channel surround sound system with a 1080p upconverting DVD player to give your DVDs the best possible (to date) look.  It comes with a basic configuration of two satellite speakers, two wireless rear speakers, a center channel speaker and a passive subwoofer.  It delivers a total output of one thousand watts, offers multiple built in surround sound decoders, and support for a variety of discs, as well as one HDMI output, one component video output, one a/v output, two stereo audio outputs, one digital audio output and one headphone jack.

Once you get past the strange control mechanism, though, you find that the sound quality is a little less than ideal, and the bass is absolutely unbelievable.  Typical of the Samsung line, not everything is good, but most things are.  And consider that the HT-Z420 retails for three hundred fifty bucks, you could definitely do much, MUCH worse than this.

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