Samsung HT-TX75 Home Theater

December 4, in Accessories


Samsung recently announced its latest elegant HT-TX75 Home Theater model. Like many Home Thaeter systems, Samsung’s latest model integrates the convenience of multi-disc playback capability, including DVD-AUDIO, DVD-VIDEO, VCD, CD, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, DivX, CD-R/RW, and DVD-R/RW, with a sophisticated FM tuner, all in a single player. Moderately priced at $699, the Home Theater is available at selected online stores. The HT-TX75 delivers High Performance: 1200 watts of audio power through 5.1 channels with 4 Tallboy Speakers. Dolby Digital®, Dolby Pro Logic® and DTS™ decoders support the audio reproduction. As far as supported formats are concerned HT-TX75 supports MP3, WMA, MPEG, DivX, and JPEG.

Via: Samsung

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