Samsung HT-BD8200 Home Theater System Review-Big On Everything

December 9, in Blu-Ray

Our coverage of home theater system options continues with the truly impressive Samsung HT-BD8200, a big system with a lot of great options. There’s going to be a whole lot to like about this system, and though the price tag will be high, you should expect that going in, because this is a very impressive system.

The Samsung HT-BD8200 is a 2.1 channel, 400 watt home theater soundbar system with a Blu-ray player, virtual surround sound systems, upscaling to 1080p video, compatibility with a variety of media, support for iPod and iPhone, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity with a Samsung dongle, AnyNet Plus, smart volume systems, support for Netflix and Pandora, one component video output, one composite video output, one HDMI output, one audio input, one headphone jack, and one optical input.

Great, great, great–this is the first word you have with the Samsung HT-BD8200. The sound is terrific, and there’s plenty of utility with the Blu-ray player that’ll also handle regular DVDs and plenty of other material as well. Perhaps the only real problem with this is that it doesn’t have a lot of connections to it to make it a worthwhile hub for a home theater, but there should be enough here to take care of most anything. Look at this as audio, and you’ll get along well. Make it the center of the home theater–count on it to support a lot of peripherals and you’ll be disappointed.

And it certainly doesn’t help that the Samsung HT-BD8200 sells for six hundred ninety seven bucks, marked down from eight hundred, out on Amazon. It’s a potent system with a lot of good value, no mistake, but that might be a little too big a hit in the wallet to be a really worthwhile purchase.

The Samsung HT-BD8200 is one you’re going to want to see for yourself–it’s value will be pretty individual, but you should still be pretty happy with it. It’s definitely one to consider depending on your circumstances.

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