Samsung HT-6930W Home Theater System Review-Impressive In A Variety of Ways

July 8, in Audio

I’ve got another Samsung on tap for you today, folks, and it’s a real doozy, too.  Today we’re talking about the Samsung HT-C6930W, a powerful system that’ll really impress you, in quite a few ways.

The Samsung HT-C6930W is a 3D-ready (once you pick up some additional components) seven channel sound system that offers a Blu-ray player, Internet connectivity (and built-in WiFi) for access to loads of unique content,  two tower speakers with Crystal Amplifier Pro systems, wireless rear satellite speakers, a combination iPod and iPhone dock, FM tuner, and the AllShare function to stream audio and video from your computer.

Now, the sound output on this is high-quality, no mistake.  And there’s plenty of great options here–I love the AllShare idea, myself–but this thing is profoundly expensive.  It’s currently running at eight hundred and fifty bucks out at Best Buy, and that’s a pretty hefty price to pay for any speaker system.  But still, this is indeed a nice setup and will really put some punch in your movies in both visual and optical senses.

So while the Samsung HT-C6930W is a really, really expensive piece of audio hardware, it’s going to do so much for you that it actually makes sense to shell out that kind of money for it.  If your budget is tight, then pass this one up.  But if you’ve got the cash, you won’t do much better.

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