Samsung BX2335 and BX2350 LED Monitors

July 6, in LCD Monitor

Samsung has recently presented two new LED monitors codenamed BX2335 and BX2350 which go straight into the eco-friendly list thanks to its power-saving options as well as other features.

The only difference between the two monitors is related to to connections: while the BX2335 model onlyhas DVI, the BX2350 comes with Dual HDMI + DVI. Besides that small detail, all the other features are the same for both monitors: 23-inch screen size with Full HD resolution, 2 milliseconds of response time, and and Eco mode that provides 4 energy-saving options: 100%, 75%, 50%, and Power-Saving Off.

Also unique to the 50 series is a new feature called Magic Return. When users are working with two monitors, Magic Return automatically moves content from a screen that is abruptly turned off to the screen that is still on, enabling content to be accessed even if one of the monitors gets disconnected, or shuts off.

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