Samsung 460DRn-A All-in-One Outdoor LCD Display

February 13, in Displays

.A All-in-One Outdoor LCD Display. A perfect solution for delivering your message to your customers in a simple way, this new product from Samsung comes featuring a 46” high-brightness LCD panel along with a built-in air conditioning and protective glass.

Samsung 460DRn-A All-in-One Outdoor LCD Display has been designed to withstand rain, snow, heat and dust. As the name suggest, this one is an all-in-one product that delivers a native resolution of 1366 x 768 and a contrast ratio of 3500:1. It measures 29.1 x 78.0 x 17.1” in dimensions.

The new Samsung 460DRn-A All-in-One Outdoor LCD Display provides perfect network connectivity with its built-in PC. It also features a protective glass, a shock sensor and a camera with added security. Users can also avail the ease of touch screen functionality on this display that comes with integrated speakers.

Via: Samsung

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