Samsung 1.5TB EcoGreen F2EG Hard Drive Disk

March 7, in Hard Drive

Samsung logo 7 march Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., one of the global leaders in digital consumer electronics, has launched its new 1.5TB EcoGreen F2EG Hard Drive Disk. Providing the user with an increased recording capability and reduced number of discs, this new drive comes packed with latest features.

Samsung’s 1.5TB EcoGreen F2EG Hard Drive Disk provides low power consumption due to its EcoTriangle, a low power and low noise operation technology. Moreover, its advanced design reduces the power consumption up to 40% in standby mode and 45% in reading and writing mode. This new disk also complies with many environmental regulations.

The new 1.5TB EcoGreen F2EG Hard Drive Disk is ideal for external hard disks as well as desktop PC. It features 3.0 gigabytes per second Serial Advanced Technology Attachment interface and 16MB/32MB buffer memory. This disk is presently available at a price of $149.00.

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