Roku Comes Out With Updated HD, XD And XDS Players

October 1, in Set Box

Roku is now poised to launch a fresh line of updated HD, XD and XDS players. The product line starts with the entry-level WiFi HD streamer, which features HDMI and composite outputs and is priced at a mere $59. Of course, with all the set boxes, you can expect the usual access to Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand or one of the 75 other channels from Roku on your TV.

Furthermore, Roku offers the XD and XDS. The XD is packing 1080p streaming support for channels with 1080p content and its retail price is $79. Meanwhile, the XDS sports a USB port for future local playback support, component video and optical audio out and dual-band 802.11n WiFi. Clearly superior in its features compared to the previous two, the XDS will cost you $99. Nonetheless, all three models carry the same slimmer case although the XD and XDS also got a new sleeker remote with new instant-replay and info buttons.


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