Release Date For Boxee Box Gets Pushed Back To November

June 11, in streaming

Hello again, dear readers. If you’re among those waiting to get your hands on the media streaming player known as Boxee Box, then you’ll have to be patient for a while longer. It’s been announced that the device will definitely be delayed and its release date is November now for the United States and Canada.

The company explained that the previous planned release was “overly ambitious” and the delay is due to the software. Nonetheless, the Tegra 2 based hardware shown at CES will remain unchanged and intact. Furthermore, the change in release date might be related to Abode’s recent launch of Flash Player 10.1 since Boxee is relying on the flash upgrade as a central feature.

The company still intends to offer full resolution and 1080 video playback from almost any local or remote source on their media streaming player. Perhaps this fall, we’ll see if their venture is a realistic one.


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