Redbox For Android Lets Consumers Find & Reserve Movies on the Go

February 16, in Content

While some brick and mortar rental stores are managing to hold their own they are largely being phased out by companies utilizing digital distribution like Netflix. However, Redbox is a new take on the brick and mortar rental store in that it’s nothing more than a vending machine. The company has been doing quite well and is looking to expand their vending machine offering through 2011.

But, the Redbox vending machines don’t always have the movie you’re looking for and there’s nothing more annoying than getting all the wa y to the store only to find there’s nothing you’re interested in. Luckily, the Redbox for Android application has just gone live and allows consumers to not only find what kiosks have which movies, but reserve movies so they aren’t gone by the time you get there.

If you have a device running at least Android 1.6 you’re good to go as the Redbox app is completely free of charge.

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