Red Box Making Shift to Digital Distribution to Combat Netflix?

July 20, in Content

Once upon a time in order to rent a movie you actually had to leave your house. Now a days, all you have to do is sit down on your couch, flip on an Internet connected piece of hardware and chances are there will be some sort of digital distribution service available – be it Netflix or what have you. This new rush towards streaming content as opposed to physically renting it has rental companies everywhere eyeballing the new platform.

Redbox, on the other hand has been chugging along happily renting physical movies to folk for just one dollar a day. However, just like all other physical rental companies they have been hurt by the shift towards digital delivery and according to Bloomberg, are looking for a method of their own to get digital content into the homes of many.

However, without the delivery methods that Netflix has like the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and more, Redbox is going to have to come up with something big in order to make a valid market penetration.

We’ll keep you posted as this one unfolds.

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