RCA Is Ready To Best Panasonic With A Cheaper, Portable Blu-ray Player

July 30, in Blu-Ray

Perhaps you’re familiar with the DMP-B15 from Panasonic, which is supposedly the first portable Blu-ray player ever made. Initially, it was unveiled at CES and it’s been shipping now since last month. However, it’s not likely to be a best seller considering its $800 price tag. Seriously, who would actually pay that much just to have a portable player for watching Blu-ray discs on the go? But never fear, dear readers. If you’re looking to score a mini-player in the near future for an affordable price, then RCA has a better offer for you. Recently, RCA began shipping for their portable Blu-ray player, the BRC3108.

Furthermore, this is a 10 inch mini-player that features a rechargeable battery, integrated stereo speakers, a headphone jack, 1080p HDMI output. There’s even a set of car / AC adapters and a carrying bag with headrest attachment included for watching Blu-ray movies in your car. If you like to shop online, you can find the BRC3108 on Amazon for pre-order at $349.99. But you’ll save even more money if you go with the model that’s being offered at Target stores for only $299.99. Now that’s obviously a better deal than the DMP-B15. Sorry, Panasonic, it seems that RCA has bested you in the portable Blu-ray player market.


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