Razer Presents The Starcraft II Series For PC Gaming

June 17, in Accessories

Recently, Razer unveiled its Starcraft II series, containing a complete set of fancy-looking equipment for the PC gamer. This equipment set consists of the Razer Spectre gaming mouse, the Razer Marauder gaming keyboard and the Razer Banshee gaming headset, which are all based on the theme of Starcraft, of course.

Furthermore, the designs for the Starcraft II series feature blue LEDs on every device, 1000 Hz, 1ms response for the keyboard, 5600 dpi resolution, button force adjustment for the mouse and a detachable mic on the headset. However, this equipment set will be a significantly, hefty investment for the consumer. The Spectre mouse is priced at $80. Meanwhile, the Marauder keyboard and Banshee headset are each available for $120. You can expect to see the Starcraft II series released for retail in the third quarter part of 2010.


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