Q-TV2 clip on speakers for your flat-panel HDTV

January 13, in HDTV / Projection TV

For those of you who are considering putting a soundbar on your TV set might want to consider this alternative from Q Acoustics. Q Acoustics is a British company, and is not related to the company that makes James Bond’s fancy gadgets. However, it has come up with an ingenious solution to those badly-fitting soundbars with the Q-TV2, side-mounted speakers that snap into the back of any flat-paneled TV. The two speakers are capable of 100 watts of volume, 25 for each side speaker and 50 for the subwoofer.

The Q-TV2 works on any HDTV between 30 and 50 inches, and connect via power and optical audio cable. You can even spend an extra $35 to buy a mounting bracket for hanging your flat panel with new clip on speakers to the wall.

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