Pure Acoustics five-speaker Dream Tower

February 27, in Audio


Pure Acoustics five-speaker Dream Tower

Pure Acoustics five-speaker Dream Tower system is an elegant small room system comprised of the Dream Tower-100 front towers, 101 center speaker, and 102 surrounds. Each 100 tower stands waist high, with wooden construction that makes it surprisingly heavy yet more akin to fine furniture in style and look than most acoustical components. If you or your spouse has an aversion to the space age look and feel of many electronic components, the Dream Tower system will be a welcome change of pace.

The system set-up is pretty easy and requires not special skills, and the sound itself is clean and crisp. Even the most hardened surround sound snob will not be disappointed. If you lean towards the mellow end of the sound spectrum, you may find the Dream Tower a bit on the bright side, but for Home Theater use, that is generally a perk. The Pure Acoustics Dream Tower system retails for $1580.

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