Pufferfish spherical display and Kinect combine for an eye effect

March 19, in Accessories

I have seen the an odd amount of Kinect hacks that are not really home theater related like the shocking Tesla coils, the hack that controls a mini robot, and three one weekend.

As you can see in the video there is a spherical display that is essentially one big eye. The Kinect works as a sensor and then transmits to the screen to make an eye that follows you around the room.

I suppose that the main use for this is to adorn the top of a home theater and look around at the people who walk by. I wonder how it decides who to look at. I mean, what if a crowd walks by?

Just in case you are worrying, someone has made it so there is a Eye of Sauron which you can watch in the video here. It will follow you around the room and essentially freak you out. Hopefully you are not wearing the one Ring.

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