Proscan 32LED30QA LED Television Review-Lower End LED

February 15, in LED television

We started out with a look at a Sceptre, and now we go on to another television from a brand name you may not otherwise be familiar with. Today we’re talking about the Proscan 32LED30QA, and though it may not be the best you’ve ever seen, it will put up a pretty nice value all the same.

The Proscan 32LED30QA is a thirty two inch 720p LED television that offers a 3D digital comb filter, digital noise reduction capability, a 3000 : 1 contrast ratio, two ten watt speakers, one PC input, on USB port, a component input, a composite input, an RF input, a headphone jack, an S-Video port, and three HDMI ports.

It’s pretty short on features, this one is, but that can be all right in its way. After all, fewer features, less to get you confused if you favor your television in the plain and simple bracket. And it will play almost as well with your older gear as it does your new stuff, because it’s got a decent variety of ports to work with.

And if you find that a pretty solid outcome of mixed good and bad, then you might be interested in the fact that Amazon’s offering these at $466.87, which is a very good price for an LED television, no matter how it’s actually set up.

If you absolutely must have an LED television, and you’re not too picky about how good it actually is, then the Proscan 32LED30QA may be exactly what you had in mind. You’ll likely do much better with comparably priced LCD or even some slightly more expensive plasma televisions.

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