Projection Screen needs no dimming of the lights to see

April 22, in Projector

How many times have you been in a room where a projector is used, and you find that all the lights have to be shut off in order to reduce the glare on the projection?

A team of researchers at Japan’s Tohoku University have created a projection screen that works inside brightly lit rooms, which means you don’t need to turn off the lights to show a presentation.

You can see it on video, and you will see that you can shine a flashlight on it, and you will see very little glare. Not only is it helpful for those in a home theater situations, but it is good for formal presentations. Now you can take notes with the movie going on and the lights on as well. It is also planned to be used for digital signage as well.

Apparently, the one thing that it cannot stand is direct sunlight, and I’m guessing they are working on this.

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