Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker From Frontgate

June 30, in Speakers

Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker

Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker

If you are planning to take your iPod outside with you to enjoy your favorite tunes during these warm summer months, remember that poolside or at the beach may not be the safest place to take your iPod. However this portable speaker from Frontgate will protect your iPod because not only is it water and dust resistant, but it has a durable rubber exterior, which makes it shockproof and can handle those occasional bangs and bumps. 

The iPod itself goes behind a clear watertight door. Although it’s behind that door, you can still control your iPod through the exterior buttons. It run on either 4 C batteries, an AC adapter or a car adapter and will fit the iPod Nano, Classic, Shuffle or Mini. Available from Frontgate for $99.50.

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