Popular Movie Rental Service Netflix Coming to Canada This Fall

July 19, in Content

Just like their advertising campaign told us – Netflix really did change the way we watch movies. Before they existed you had to get up off your couch and head to the movie store if you wanted to rent a movie. Now all you need to do is a chose a movie you want to watch, find it on Netflix and wait until it shows up at your door – usually teh next day.

However, another feature that really made Netflix more usable than ever before is its watch instantly streaming service that is featured on home consoles such as Xbox 360. With this service, all you need to do is find a movie and bam, you’re watching it instantly with little to no buffer times.

Well, currently only those in the United States have been enjoying the benefits of Netflix but the company is looking to go international a bit recently announcing their plans to expand to Canada. No word on what exactly they will be bringing other than Watch Instantly, but we do know it’s coming in the fall so all of you Canadians out there, get ready as there is some serious movie watching about to go down.

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