Plextor Releases A New USB Blu-ray Drive

July 20, in Blu-Ray

Nowadays, Blu-ray drives are available for laptops and desktops in regular configurations and customizable options but some Blu-ray movies just aren’t watchable on older computers. If you’re currently facing this problem, then Plextor has a solution for you. It’s called the PX-B120U USB external BD-ROM. This is a portable drive with a slender build that doesn’t need a AC adapter since it runs on power through USB. So, it’s ideal for use when traveling as well.

Furthermore, the device features Cyberlink for Blu-Ray and DVD playback and carries functionality as a DVD-ROM drive that’s compatible with all types of DVDs and CDs. Thus, you can finally play any Blu-ray or DVD on your computer even if it’s an older model. The Plextor PX-B120U is available right now for retail at $99.99.


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