PixelOptics emPower! glasses

March 28, in Accessories

Want to look cool as all get out? Then you might want to consider the PixelOptics emPower! glasses which look pretty futuristic whenever you wear them due to their exceptional design, where they come equipped with a special kind of lens which is full of a transparent crystal liquid layer which is able to electronically change and activate the near focus zone – alternatively, you can choose for it to turn off the reading power when the situation doesn’t call for it, all through a standard finger swipe.

Whenever the near focus is turned on, an invisible near reading segment will kick into action to cover the whole display for you to enjoy the whole lens as it is. Frames will control the lens, thanks to the embed process that sees a strip of laser at the side, where you can choose from metal, memory metal, plastic, rimless, and semi-rimless styles for either gender.

The glasses will be like your phone though, requiring a trip to the nearby power outlet whenever it runs out of juice after 2 to 3 days of full use. It is tipped to retail more than a whopping $1,000 when it arrives, so don’t be surprised to see it remain out of reach from the masses.


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