Pioneer unveils three new home theater speakers

September 8, in Speakers

It’s been a while since we have heard from Pioneer’s stereo department with the Elite G-Clef SX-A6MK2/SX-A9MK2 Integrate Stereo Amplifiers.

They have just come out with three new entry-level units to create 7.1 surround sound for a home theater. The speaker sets include the SP-BS21-LR and SP-BS41-LR, designed for the bookshelf, and the SP-FS51-LR is designed to be floor standing.

They have low prices as the SP-BS21-LR sells for $89.99, and the SP-BS41-LR is for $199.99. The SP-FS51-LR is for $199.99, and the center channel SP-C21 speakers are $79.99 with the SW-08 subwoofer being $149.99.


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