Pansonics GT25 plasma sets have 2D-to-3D conversion

August 16, in 3d

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that 3D is great and still has yet to be proven to be the next biggest thing. No stranger to 3D, Panasonic is introducing some new 3D plasmas with the Viera 3D GT25 series.

The TC-P42G25 will be the first ever 42-inch full 3D plasma, and it will have a lot in common with the 50-inch TC-P50GT25. They will feature a 1080p panel, 600Hz sub-field drive, 24p playback and the 2D-to-3D conversion which is the icing on the cake.

Expect both of these models by the end of this month. The TC-P42G25 will be $1699.95 and the TC-P50GT25 will be $2,099.95.


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