Panasonic SC-PT464 Home Theater System Review-Low Cost, Low Function, Decent Value

December 20, in Accessories

It’s true that without the proper audio, your home theater system will never truly be great. And what we’ve got this week is a set of home theater in a box options for you to consider. Purists will say, as purists often do, that building from the ground up is best, but for the regular folks out there, getting just about everything you need in one box is a great way to go about things. And that’s what we’re getting with the Panasonic SC-PT464.

The Panasonic SC-PT464 is a thousand watt 5.1 channel home theater system that comes with four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, a subwoofer and a DVD player. It offers 1080p upconversion for your DVDs, Viera Link technology to help it work with other Viera products, an integrated iPod dock so you can use it as a home stereo system, and the option to connect your rear speakers wirelessly.

The sound on this one is at least fair–a thousand watts at 5.1 will do a nice job of making things loud, anyway, and a subwoofer does great things for action movies and the like. It’s not really grandiose, nor will it do anything truly impressive, but for the basics, you’ll do all right here.

And considering that you can pick one of these up for as little as $168.78 out at Amazon, among other places, well, you’ll certainly be set if you’re not expecting a whole lot out of it.

It’s nothing great, be clear on that point–just barely competent might be the best description–but for the price, the Panasonic SC-PT464 will do the job. And if you’re not looking for anything fancy, like say for a bedroom setup or playroom or the like, then you should have all the necessities covered.

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