Panasonic Releases 103-inch 3D Plasma TV Priced at $100,000

November 17, in 3d

As you’re sure to know 3DTVs are all the rage now a days an appear in just about every publication on a regular basis be it online or off. However, despite all of the talks that have been going around about the display technology, not many have been able to justify the premium for a feature that well, isn’t really necessary just yet.

However, if you’ve got an insane amount of money burning a hole through your pocket and would like to send it on its merry way, perhaps you should check out Panasonic’s recently released 103-inch 3D plasma television. This behemoth, dubbed the TH-P103MT2, weighs a massive 439 pounds and get this – it costs $100,000.

Anyone out there have an extra $100,000 they can send my way?

via engadget

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