Panasonic Launches Avatar/3DTV Bundle, Discs Hit eBay For Bundles

December 3, in 3d

Whether you love them or hate them there is no denying the fact that 3DTVs are, well, cool. Everyone remembers seeing their first 3D movie in theaters and now that joy is able to make the transition to home theaters. Of course, things are quite pricey but as time goes on that is sure to change. I myself do not currently own a 3DTV but if I were to buy them there would be one 3D Blu-ray that I would undoubtedly want to start my collection; James Cameron’s Avatar.

Unfortunately, the only way to officially get the 3D version of the Avatar Blu-ray is by purchasing a bundle from Panasonic. Today, in fact, those bundles which we told you about not too long ago have been made available for purchase.

However, what if you dont’ want to purchase a brand new 3DTV and instead just want the Blu-ray? Well, you could take to eBay and try your luck but as of this posting 3D copies of Avatar are going $300 and more. Then again, if you do actually buy the bundle you can just sell off the Avatar Blu-ray and net a nice discount on the TV, but that choice is up to you.

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