Panasonic DVD-LS80-K DVD players

March 6, in HD Players

Panasonic DVD-LS80-K DVD players

Panasonic has recently announced its portable DVD players DVD-LS80-K. The model offers a freestyle 8.5″ ? -Si TFT wide liquid crystal monitor screen, a JPEG viewer, an FM transmitter, an MP3 and WMA player, and support for SDHC cards. Model DVD–LS80-K weighs approximately 1032g including battery. 7.2V Voltage Battery pack (VUADBLS80) has the capacity of 2250mAh (lithium ion). You can listen to the DVD-LS80-K continuously for 6 hours. The DVD Players will ship on April 1st. Panasonic DVD-LS80-K consumes 3W (substance 11W)/power source “stand-by” time at the time of approximately 0.3W/charge 11W (at the time of attachment private adapter use).

Via: Panasonic


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